Monday, October 10, 2011

Zachry Construction Shut-Down for CVR (Coffeyville Refinery, KS)

Yes, that is right a shut-down is happening in Coffeyville, KS for CVR, otherwise known as Coffeyville Refinery. In order to apply for jobs you will need to go through Zachry's webpage. More importantly, they need combination welder, pipefitter, boilermaker, and laborers. I am not positive on the pay for all skilled workers. I do know that they are paying $28/75 for combination welders. Per diem for workers living more than 70 miles away. The job will last 30 days. There will be more work coming up at the Coffeyville Refinery. I am not sure which contractor will be awarded the work. Will keep everyone posted when I do find it out.

Make an account with Zachry. Upload a resume. Then you can apply to jobs in any state that you wish. If you are a craft worker apply under that employment heading. If you are a professional (college degree) then you apply under that employment heading.


  1. I'm not looking for this kind of work right now, but if you're still looking for someone, I'll pass it on.

  2. My name is Jerahme Joushia Campbell I have worked for Zachary in Cristal river as a top helper for Irion worker. I left because of family. Am now ready to learn and travail where ever u need me.Thank you.Jerahme Campbell My email is

  3. If you would like to work for Zachry I recommend re-applying on their webpage.