Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kansas Inspection & Testing Services

Not the most detailed list of the Inspection & Testing Services in Kansas. The following list will however point you in the right direction. I do not guarantee that all numbers will work. I would recommend using Google as a great tool to find out more precise information on the Contractors listed below. Another important tidbit, not all companies listed below are Oil & Gas Contractors.

American Energies Pipeline LLC
136 N Main Street, Canton, KS

Conservation Oil & Gas Div.
210 E Frontview Street # A, Dodge City, KS

Damm Pipe & Testing LLC
5548 Oilcenter Road S, Great Bend, KS

Elite Pipe Testing Inc.
1305 Maple Street, Ellis, KS

Enbridge Pipeline Co.
3204 Highway K 68, Ottawa, KS

F G Holl Co. LLC (Prairie Pipe Line)
Belpre, KS

Fischer Pipe Testing
311 E 15th Street, Ellis, KS
1858 Ellis Avenue, Ellis, KS

Gale Reese Inc.
112 W 6th Street, Hugoton, KS

Had-A-Call Pipe Testing
15951 E 101st Street N, Benton, KS

Hillenburg Oil Co LLC (Hillenburg Pipe & Supply) 
603 S Kansas Avenue, Canton, KS

Horizon Pipe Testing
301 W 2nd Street Terrace, Ellis, KS

Intensive Pipe Testing Inc.
380 N Van Houten Street, Russell, KS

Jet Pipe Testing
505 E 1st Street, Russell, KS

Jomax Construction Co. Inc.
238 SE 10 Avenue, Great Bend, KS

Lippizzan Petroleum Corp.
8100 E 22nd Street N # 600-F, Wichita, KS

Mike's Pipe Inspection
417 E Oak Street, Liberal, KS

NPL Construction Co.
1120 NW US Highway 24, Topeka, KS

Oil & Gas Conservation
130 S Market Street # 2078, Wichita, KS

Oil & Gas Corp Commission (Conservation Division)
2301 E 13th Street, Hays, KS

Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co.
8265 Road R, Liberal, KS

Petrol Oil & Gas Inc.
5010 Anderson Road, Thayer, KS

Red Barn Pipe & Supply LLC
2532 Highway 166, Caney, KS

Sullivan Oil & Gas Company
518 W Molton Street, Arlington, KS

Teko Pipe Testing
302 E Sycamore Street, Ness City, KS

Zack's Pipe Testing
936 NE 140 Road, Odin, KS
1396 NE 90 Avenue, Odin, KS

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